The onboard dialysis

The dialysis unit

The dialysis unit installed onboard is independent from the MSC Cruises. The ship company only provides a space in its onboard hospital. This unit is installed ephemerally, for a period of 9 to 18 weeks according to the cruises programs.

The ships having not been built to welcome a « classic » dialysis centre, let’s be aware that some constraints may appear, such as limited space and various visible cables across the dialysis ward.

However all of the technical installations are positioned by a qualified team, in order to provide a dialysis of good quality :

  • 4008 S machines (or similar),
  • Reverse osmosis water treatment,
  • Single use material.

Please note that restaurant service is not provided in the hospital onboard. You are kindly requested to eat before or after dialysis treatment.

The medical staff

The onboard dialysis sessions are managed by an international medical staff, composed of a qualified doctor and specialised nurses, generally constituted before the beginning of the bookings. 

Thus it is possible that one or several staff members do not speak your language but we take the best interest in this kind of situation in order to avoid any inconveniences.

The medical staff (whose cabin numbers will be indicated before departure), when not providing the dialysis sessions, is enjoying the cruise as any other passengers and may have dinner at the same table as yours, take part to the excursions or be present during the onboard entertainments.

The dialysis shifts are organised in 3 groups of 4 people. 

The program is indicated in advance in order to choose the group that suits the most to each others habits, knowing that as far as possible the sessions will be scheduled while the vessel is at sea to enjoy the stopovers and excursions.

The doctor of the onboard dialysis unit has the right to change the program of the dialysis sessions in case of medical needs.

Please note that our intervention (Gérard Pons Voyages) is not a medical one and has no appreciation of this kind.

We only act as an intermediary to facilitate your efforts and contact with the dialysis centre installed on the ship. Registrations are always subject to the approval of medical director of cruises.

If you prefer being dialysed ashore, during stopovers, rather than onboard the ship, we can provide you with the list of dialysis center likely to welcome you.