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To make a booking

A Dialysis while Cruising inscription is always submitted to the approval of the cruise medical director, after the study of your record :

  • Firstly, it is necessary to make the cruise application form (click on the link to download the file) filled in by your nephrologist and send it back to us in a confidential mail for transmission to the dialysis unit.

NB : The medical director has the right to ask for any other medical document he may need to give his opinion about your approval onboard.

  • Secondly, once the medical director’s approval has been received, we will proceed with the cruise booking itself.

Among the documents enclosed in the booking file we will send you, you will find the schedule of the onboard dialysis sessions for you to choose a group (your wish will be considered by order of booking, under reserve of availability).

NB : Please arrange with your regular dialysis centre for your last session before the cruise and / or your first session after the cruise coincide with those of the group of dialysis you choose.

  • Thirdly, new medical elements, dated from 30 to 25 days before departure, will be requested for transmission to the onboard dialysis centre :
    • a new serology (HIV, Hepatitis B and C)
    • MRSA test (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus)

Please note that this request is compulsory and may imply the onboard refusal by the medical staff if not respected.
If the MRSA test is positive, a new one will be requested after you have done the local treatment. This second test will have to be negative for you to be accepted onboard by the medical staff.

Dialysis sessions payment

The dialysis sessions provided onboard the cruise are operated on a private basis and therefore E111/EHIC is not accepted.

Before leaving for a cruise, it is necessary to check with your NHS or renal unit if they accept to meet the costs by providing them with the proforma invoice for your dialysis treatment onboard the ship. We will forward you this proforma invoice once the onboard dialysis unit will have sent it to us.

Be careful, the procedures for taking charge of your onboard dialysis sessions may vary depending on your nationality and your country of residence.

We invite you to contact us for any information.